We are here to make your life easier.

Technology is everywhere. Everything is getting connected to everything else. Our homes are getting smarter. Apps are in control. So where do you start?

Our mission is to bring you the most affordable and useful connected tech that will, without too much effort, significantly improve your life and living.

From smart heating, lighting and entertainment to health monitoring, automotive and fitness trackers, you’ll find all the latest news, inspiration, case studies, projects and buying guides to get you started.

We will highlight the tech that:

Saves you money

Technology can help lower your bills, and can often pay for itself. We will show you what’s worth budgeting and forking out for.

Reduces annoyances

We will highlight technologies that can eliminate little frustrations and time wasters, and enhance your day to day quality of life.

Improves health and wellbeing

Whether that’s technology that can make our living spaces more comfortable, or technologies that can help us improve our health and fitness, we will show you how to integrate it into your life.

Enhances security

It’s never been cheaper or easier to outfit your home with cameras and smart locks, and save a bit on your home insurance. We’ll show you what’s worth having and what is more trouble than it’s worth.

Is a great investment

Technologies evolve quickly and nobody wants something that won’t last, or is ugly, or isn’t supported or falls to pieces with an operating system update. We’ll show you what’s worth buying for the long term.

Is easy to connect together

Connectivity is great but it brings its own potential problems and issues. We’ll cut through through the jargon and explain your best options at each stage, so you can live your connected lifestyle with confidence.

Live Smart Loves…

Live-Smart LovesAlso look out for our ‘Live-Smart Loves’ logo where we’ve featured a product we particularly rate and enjoy using, and think you will too. Anything with this logo should help you improve your life.

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