It can find your car in a crowded car park, send texts on demand, and even detect a crash.


A Kiwi tech firm wants to make smart car perks available to everyone with this tiny Bluejay smart-making car mount.

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Packing Bluetooth Smart beacon technology, GPS, and other tiny sensors, Bluejay can give your car a full array of smart car features – minus the hefty price tag. The lightweight device takes pride of place on your dashboard, window, or air vent, and grips onto your phone with a strong magnet to position it right where you can see it.

Once you’ve downloaded Bluejay’s app, your phone is your brand new smart dashboard, with icons putting you just a tap away from all your main needs – be they sending an automatic response to a message, answering a call, choosing a playlist, or even locating the nearest petrol station. The Bluejay app fires up as soon as you put your phone on the mount, so it won’t slow you down in a rush.

One feature we reckon nobody should live without is Bluejay’s crash detection. It can immediately tell if you’ve had a bump, and will automatically send an SOS alert to an emergency contact within seconds, unless you tap it to let it know you’re OK.

Bluejay is even handy when you’re not in your car, giving you GPS guidance to your car if you can’t find it in a busy carpark, even if you don’t have reception. If you lose your phone, a couple of taps on the Bluejay mount will make your phone ring, helping you quickly recover it from underneath the passenger seat or its other favourite hiding places.

The app also throws in helpful information about your car’s health, like when it needs filling up, an oil change, and what tyre pressure you should be aiming for. There are some neat extras like a driving expenses report, trip saver, virtual driving instructor, and even a racing dashboard. Got smart home gadgets? Bluejay can integrate with the likes of Nest thermostats and Philips Hue light bulbs to let you coordinate your connected home from the driver’s seat.

Bluejay is currently powering through its funding goal on Kickstarter, where you can bag an early bird deal from $79 (around £57).