The upcoming launch of BMW Connected will put an IoT smart brain in your luxury BMW, with smartphone control at your fingertips.


It’s a big year for BMW, what with the announcement of three brand new cars that herald an exciting future in the realms of connected driving for the German automaker. But with the news of BMW Connected, it seems that buying one of BMW’s slick new rides isn’t the only way to join the revolution.

BMW Connected is a brand new smartphone-centred service that gives existing BMW drivers the luxury of traffic notifications, appointment management, car remote control and more from within a single app. It’s rolling out to US customers initially, but BMW plans to make it available to markets beyond the US later this year.

The service is powered by the cloud platform Microsoft Azure, and depends on BMW’s Open Mobility Cloud to provide real-time traffic information on variables like conditions on the road and optimal routes to your destination. Built-in maps from the app (or third-party apps, if you prefer) will let you pull addresses from calendar events for navigation al assistance, locate nearby authorised BMW centres, and search for petrol stations, charging points and the best places to park.

For IoT convenience when you’re on the road, BMW Connected will shift from your phone to your car’s infotainment screen as soon as you’re behind the wheel, letting you access information like battery levels and range if you’re driving a hybrid or electric BMW, or fuel level and engine status if you’re driving a manual.

Stepping out of your vehicle, you’ll be able to enjoy remote control features that are all part of BMW’s plan to “integrate the vehicle seamlessly into the life of the consumer”. Via the app, you’ll be be able to lock your car’s doors, flash its lights, sound the horn, and even activate the air conditioning remotely with a single tap. You’ll also be able to find your car if you happen to lose it in a carpark, and make use of the “last mile” walking guidance feature that guides you from your car’s parking space to your final destination.

The BMW Connected app will initially only be available for iOS users; Android users will have to sit tight for news of extended compatibility with non-Apple devices.