Now you can glide silently into your drive and have your Tesla unlock your home, set the thermostat and turn on the lights


Owners of the EVE for Tesla app can now access their smart home from their car thanks to EveConnect, a new service from Evolved Vehicle Environments.

The app claims to offer access to the user’s smart security, smart locks and smart heating systems from the car dashboard and loads through the Model S or X browser, via When installed, it works by mimicking the layout of Tesla’s software and adding additional access to your smart home controls.

To make it work, users need to own the Wink smart home hub, premium membership to EVE, and these supported smart home devices including Nest, Hue and Lutron, although we’ve heard that a future version of EVE will also integrate with IFTTT.

Users can download now, with the price of premium membership coming it at £3.67/month.