No parking sensors on your ride? This FenSens device gives you an instant pair of eyes to watch that back bumper blind spot.

Update: Good news! FenSens has now launched on Indiegogo, so go pick them up for an early bird price!

Some new cars come with built-in parking sensors that make it much easier to reverse into tight spots, but if your trusty old car still has some life in it yet, you might be frustrated that you don’t get all the latest bells and whistles. If that’s you – you’ll love FenSens.

A sensor-packed frame for your back license plate, FenSens gives you an instant vantage point from your back bumper while you’re sitting behind the wheel. Just screw the FenSens frame over your curennt license plate with its security screws, fire up the FenSens app on your phone (iOS and Android), and you’re ready to roll.

Once that’s in place, FenSens will automatically detect you backing up every time you shift into reverse. The app on your phone – which you can either dock on your dash or keep in your pocket – will then bleep just like a regular parking sensor to indicate that you’re getting closer. It will also vibrate and, if you’ve got your phone screen in front of you, show you a visual display from the rear end of your car.

FenSens can detect objects about 10 feet away and guide you to less than 1 foot away. It runs on a rechargeable battery that will power on for up to 5 months. When it needs a charge, just pop off the battery housing and plug it in like your phone. As a theft prevention measure, those safety screws are designed so that only you have the right tool to remove the frame.

The sad news is that it looks like FenSens is only designed to fit US number plates for now. Its makers are currently taking pre-orders, and it’s going for the early bird price of $99.