This quick-fix smart car maker puts you in touch with your wheels 24/7.

For those of us who can afford to splash out, there’s a world of fun to be had with a smart car. For the rest of us, well…actually, there’s now Mojio.

Mojio is a 3G and GPS device that plugs into your car’s onboard computer via the OBD II port to bring the internet to your dashboard. It self-installs in seconds to give you previously unknown data about your car’s health, performance and location – even when you’re not behind the wheel.

All of Mojio’s data crunching takes place on an app on your phone, where you’ll be privy to information like your exact driving costs and maintenance diagnostics. You car can now alert you if it a repair too, or if it’s part of a model recall.

As well as being a fascinating insight into your car’s inner brain, Mojio’s data is all there to help you improve your driving experience. Over time, you’ll learn to improve your gas mileage, and will get used to smart luxuries like automated trip expensing.

The cool thing is that Mojio will continue to get smarter. It comes with a growing fleet of purpose-made phone apps to take care of all aspects of your car ownership and journey experience. Trek, for example, helps find parking near your destination and bring real-time traffic updates to your dashboard, while Gauge acts as a car mechanic in your pocket, collating maintenance data and identifying driving trends.

Mojio is compatible with any car manufactured in 1996 or later, and is currently only available in the US and Canada. its £149.99 (around £104).