Never get caught without a power source or plug socket again with this sleek, portable little sunshine box.

A Montreal-based company called Goldeye is on a serious mission to bring sunshine in your life – literally. Its portable power bank, Goldeye Bar, is a clever little device that can charge everything from your phone to your laptop using the marvel of solar power.

The multi-functional booster, as Goldeye is calling it, has a battery capacity of 16,000 mAh, which the company hopes to improve upon. With three different voltage outputs, it’s the perfect one-stop charger for phones and tablets (12v), cameras (16v), laptops (19v) – and even as a jump-starter for your broken down old banger.

All you have to do is plug in your weapon of choice, choose which voltage is required using the onboard controls, and let Goldeye Bar release the sunshine. While your device is juicing up, the onboard display will show you exactly how much charge is remaining, and then shut down into sleep mode when charging is complete to save energy.

Because Goldeye Bar is designed to be used on the go, there are a couple of extra features lined up for an easy outdoor life. There’s torch mode, which gives you a decent beam of light for camping, and an SOS mode with flashing lights that you can use to attract attention if your ride breaks down or you hit trouble.

That’s not to say you can’t enjoy its many uses while you’re at home, though. Goldeye bar is also great for cutting your reliance on plugs, and freeing you from the shackles of your annoyingly short laptop charger.

Anyone who’s sick of the constant search for a power socket on the go, or simply wants to find a kinder way to juice up their devices should definitely give this nifty little whippersnapper a spin. It’s currently plugging away at its funding goal over on Kickstarter, where you can grab an early bird deal for $205 (£140). Its release date is scheduled for October if the campaign attracts enough backers.

Story via: Geeky Gadgets