You'll know whether or not there's a space free, what connectors are available and other useful details while you're on the go.

Charging up your electric car isn’t as simple as rolling up at a petrol station and grabbing the next free nozzle for a quick fuel-up. Even the newest pure electric cars take around 30 minutes to charge 80%, which can make for some tedious waiting around if there’s no free space at the charging station.

Thanks to a partnership between Here and Hubject, however, that wait is finally over. In a brand new integration rolling out later this summer, Here’s maps platform will give electric car drivers in Europe real-time updates on where the nearest charging station is, whether there’s a space free, what kind of connectors are available, and all sorts of handy information like whether there’s available parking near the charging station.

Whether you’re planning a continental road trip or you’re just keen to cut the fuss out of charging your EV near your home, it’s going to be a handy little trick that will save you precious time and energy.

If you’re not already on board with the Here’s maps platform, it’s a navigational tool that you can either access via your car’s dash or an app on your phone (iOS and Android) for both driving and exploring. You can check if your car is compatible on Here’s website and follow a few easy steps to update your car’s current sat nav.

Check out Here in action on the Jaguar XJ…