A pretty awesome incentive to keep your eyes on the road.

Looking for a better way to use your phone’s brilliant in-car capabilities? Look no further than Hudly – a heads-up display that brings apps, voice control and fighter pilot-style stats from your phone to your windscreen.

The Hudly system comprises of a tiny projector and an optical glass screen that sits in your clear line of sight on the windscreen. When connected to your phone and tethered up to your car’s diagnostic port, the projector beams all the stats you need for life on the road straight in front of you while you drive.

Hudly appsCompatible with both iOS and Android devices, Hudly can suck up stats, information and directions from all of your favourite apps. If you use Waze maps to navigate from your phone, for instance, you can now see directions projected straight onto the road on Hudly’s crystal clear screen.

Hudly statsAlways getting WhatsApp message while you’re driving? Now, you can use your phone’s native voice control abilities to reply and take action without having to tear your eyes away from the road and fumble with your phone at traffic lights. Hudly will even auto-adjust its brightness according to the light conditions outside to give you the best possible clarity.

Hudly heads up displayAnd because we’re all just big kids at heart, Hudly displays stats from your car like speed, fuel level, RPM and temperature in a cool jet-style view, making you feel like you really are stepping into the shoes of a fighter pilot, when really you’re just crawling along a gridlocked dual carriageway on your way to work. We can dream.

It’s relatively early days for Hudly over on crowdfunding site Kickstarter, with still a month left to go at the time of writing to rake in backers. The current lowest early bird package sits at $199 (around £152).