All your road trip stats right where you can see them.

No more fumbling for your phone under the passenger seat to check directions or trying to guess speed limits in unfamiliar areas of town. The Hudway heads-up display brings augmented reality to eye level for hands-free, safe and fun-filled cruising.

Hudway is a plastic, lightweight and sturdy lens attached to a smartphone cradle. It fixes to your dashboard with a magnetic mount to keep it steady, and projects directions, speed, and helpful driving stats from a HUD app on your phone to the windscreen in front of you.

The aspheric shape of Hudway’s lens displays the image from your phone screen 20% larger, whilst keeping the view of the road ahead the same to avoid off-putting distortion. The lens is also coated with super-thin multi-layered glass to enhance its reflective properties and keep it transparent so your view of the view remains always crystal clear.

Hudway has its own HUD apps to use alongside it, including one that supports drivers in low-visibility conditions on rural or remote motorways, a speedometer app with alerts if you exceed the speed limit and six screen options including a retro speedometer display. There’s even a classic bobble-head dog dashboard buddy.

HUdway Glass 2There are a ton of outside apps that Hudway recommends too, including Sygic, which gives you offline access to hundreds of maps.

Hudway smashed its Kickstarter funding goal and is currently up for pre-order at just $49 (around £37). Shipping is set for some time this month.