Garmin babyCam is the world's first video monitor sat nav system that helps you reach your destination while keeping a close eye on your baby in the back.

No more craning your neck at traffic lights or pulling over at every opportunity to check on things in the back. When mounted on the head rest of your front seat, Garmin babyCam wirelessly connects to any compatible Garmin sat nav to transmit real-time video of any miniature travellers in the back of your car right to the sat nav’s display.

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With night vision, babyCam works around the clock to let you keep an eye on your baby’s backseat antics, and the camera’s view can be easily adjusted to capture footage of multiple backseat passengers.

babyCam is also voice-controlled, giving you the luxury of flitting between the sat nav’s directions and the babyCam stream whenever you like, without losing concentration on the road ahead.

Here it is in action:

For extra peace of mind, babyCam recognises when you’ve reached your destination and sends a nudge to your sat nav to remind you to take all of your passengers with you when you leave the car – particularly handy when your baby is sleeping soundly.

babyCam operates on two AA batteries or a USB cable, designed with no sharp edges so it won’t do any damage if a pair of tiny hands get hold of it.

It’s hitting the shops in January 2016 at £159.99, and remember, you’ll need to buy a Garmin sat nav separately if you don’t have one already.


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