It lets you reserve a parking spot, call roadside assistance, and talk to your smart home gadgets via your dashboard.

Seat has been showing off its new connected car tech at MWC this year, and it’ll give lucky Seat drivers an internet-connected dashboard that can communicate with parking spaces and smart home gadgets.

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The Spanish car giant has partnered with Samsung, SAP, and Accenture to develop its clever IoT car tech, and it’s hoped that certain features could be offered in Seats across Europe by the end of this year.

One of the main attractions in Seat’s new repertoire of car smarts is a Reserve and Park feature, which links to an app developed by Samsung and SAP. To take the stress out of city driving, Reserve and Park gives you the option of searching for a parking spot and paying for it in advance, regardless of whether you’re five minutes round the corner or stuck in a jam 50 miles away. You’ll be able to reserve your VIP spot through your Seat’s infotainment system, pending a deal between Seat and major parking providers.

Seat’s next trick is smart home connectivity between your car and your smart home gadgets, which is down to the company’s collaboration with Accenture. This could see you toggling your smart thermostat, activating your smart light bulbs, or even boiling the kettle from the driver’s seat. Thanks to the car’s geolocation software, it’ll also enable you to trigger certain appliances when you’re driving close to home, meaning you can step through the front door to a toasty living room with mood lighting, if that’s your preference.

There are also plans for a mini dashboard on your smartphone, where you’ll be able to monitor fuel and oil levels, where your car is parked, and also get feedback based on your driving behaviour to help you drive more efficiently. For extra peace of mind, Seat’s new IoT tech is also capable of pushing mechanical breakdown alerts and breakdown causes to your phone, which you can then forward to roadside assistance to speed up the process of getting you home.