Volvo drivers will soon be able to talk to their cars with a new version of the Microsoft Band.

Volvo and Microsoft have partnered up to give lucky Volvo drivers one very good reason to invest in the new Microsoft Band 2. It will let them communicate with their vehicle.

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The Microsoft Band 2, set to hit the shops Spring 2016, will give lucky Volvo owners the ability to lock and unlock the doors, start the car, and even boot up the GPS for journey directions just by saying the word to their Microsoft Band 2.

With the onboard voice-activation function, the band will even give its wearer the ability to sound the car horn, turn on the car’s heaters, and flash the lights with quick, hands-free instructions.

If that’s conjuring up images of a futuristic world, you’re on the the right tracks. Volvo has already likened the system to KITT from Knight Rider, and we’re betting that’ll be enough to convince a fair few Volvo owners to invest in the band. Whether it’s enough to make band owners invest in a Volvo is an entirely different story.

Volvo owners aren’t the first niche group that Microsoft have targeted with their fitness tracking band. The current Microsoft Band has a special function for golfers, which brings automatic shot tracking and GPS hole detection to players’ wrists.

The Microsoft Band’s core function alongside it’s extra nifty tricks is to act as a fitness tracker and personal trainer rolled into in one. With heart rate tracking, a step counter, and sleep analytics, the band lets you view a wide range of health stats on the Microsoft Health app on your phone. You can also log your running, cycling, and hiking routes using the GPS tracker.

If you’re a Windows phone user, you can also use the built in personal assistant, Cortana, to reply to messages, set reminders, and take notes with voice commands.

There’s no news yet about which Volvo models will be compatible, or even in which countries the band will be available. No news on price yet either, but the current Microsoft Band is £199.99 from

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