The Tesla Model 3 was pitched as a “mass-market, affordable” car with a deign that will challenge our perceptions of what electric cars are capable of.

Elon Musk took the stage yesterday to officially unveil the Tesla Model 3, their most affordable electric car yet, which will retail for £25,000 and be released by the end of 2017.

Musk acknowledged that the major issue with electric car is the perception that they are slow and not made for everyday use. To combat this, the Model 3 has been decked out with some pretty interesting features. One of the biggest design considerations was safety. With this in mind, the Model 3 promises to be 5-star in every category and crash test safety ratings. Every car will automatically be equipped with Autopilot Safety Features and autopilot hardware will also come as standard.

But, playing it safe won’t compromise the speed or power as the Model 3 will go 0 to 60mph in under 6 seconds. The range per charge is a minimum of 215 miles but Tesla hopes and plans to exceed that rate.

The Model 3 is a spacious premium saloon designed to comfortably fits five adults with plenty of leg room as the front seats have been fitted further forward. The rear roof area is a continuous pane of glass designed to give you “amazing head room and a feeling of openness.” To illustrate how spacious it is, you can supposedly fit a 7-foot long surfboard inside the car, according to Musk.

Supercharging capability also comes standard to give you freedom of travel and the ability to travel long distances. There are currently 3,609 superchargers which is set to double, and 3,689 destination chargers, which is predicted to quadruple by the end of next year. The Model 3 is also able to adapt to any voltage around the world so that “wherever you go in the world, if there’s electricity, you can charge it.”

You’ll have to wait a while for delivery but, in the meantime, you can sign up to email alerts and updates here, or take the plunge and reserve your own for £1000 here.