Make your morning commute run a whole lot more smoothly with the Sesame Ring that could soon replace your Oyster card.

Standing at the barriers and frantically digging through your bag desperately trying to find your Oyster card while there is a queue behind you a stressful yet recurring issue. One solution to this is making your transport card wearable.

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Enter Sesame Ring. It works in the same way as your Oyster card so you can top it up and tap in or out at the station just using a small and stylish ring.

It’s design makes it stand out from a lot of wearable technology as it doesn’t look like tech and hides all it’s tricks out of view. The creators decided to use 3D printing with the ring to make it fully customisable to suit you and while the size is set, you can chose to design the colour, design and band size.

The Sesame Ring was designed in the US to replace the Charlie Card on the Boston metro system so it can only be used in the Massachusetts Bay area, but is currently in the process of being able to work internationally. The durable, water-proof ring is available in a range of colours and styles and would only set you back $25 (£17.70) and you can check it out here.