Here's one for anyone who has ever completely lost their car in a multi storey.

Forgetting where you parked your car is gut-wrenchingly awful, but this minuscule little USB stick reckons it can save us from the horror.

Currently rolling in funding on Kickstarter, YAB is a location tracking device that plugs into the USB port in your car to detect where it’s parked every time you dash off without paying attention.

Because YAB uses your car’s energy as its power supply, it always knows when you’ve turned off the engine. And as soon as it notices you’ve pulled up and switched off, it will auto-capture your car’s exact location and send it to an app on your phone.

YAB car USBNow when you return to the car park and have absolutely no clue where you left you wheels, you can whip out your phone and see the last recorded location pinpointed on a map. Struggling with a handful of heavy shopping bags? YAB connects to your Apple Watch too, so you can simply tap your wrist to see YAB’s location data.

There’s even a feature in the app for recording how long you’ve put on the parking meter. You’ll get a handy notification when your time’s running out to help you avoid a hefty fine.

There’s still time to buy YAB before its Kickstarter campaign closes, and the cheapest early bird deal currently sits at $29 (around £22). YAB has smashed its funding goal. so you can probably expects its estimated shipping date of December this year to hold.