Valentine's day is nearly upon us, and who said tech is a soulless pile of plastic and wires? Here are five of our favourite romantic gadgets that are sure to send your soulmate's heart aflutter...

1. 8-Bit Dynamic Life Pin Set
Life Pin

Can you feel your heart sinking when you’re parted from the one you love? Thanks to these little Life Pins, now both of you can wear your heartbreak on your t-shirts. Life Pins display your proximity to your beloved better half using a tiny row of LED hearts; when you’re apart, a single heart flickers, and when you’re together, the entire row lights up. Probably not the best gift for someone you’re trying to woo, but if your long-term partner is satisfied you’re not some crazy stalker, Life Pins are a fun little reminder that the fire is still burning. You can buy a pair for $19.99 (£14) here.

2. iPhone Heart Charger
iPhone Heart Charger

Give your loved one the gift of a full tank of iPhone battery to text and call you whenever they like with this iPhone Heart Charger. It plugs into the USB port of any laptop for handy on-the-go charging, and most importantly, has a string of 8 LED hearts that glow a romantic hue of pink when the juice is flowing. You can buy it for $14.99 (£11) here.

3. Polaroid Snap
Polaroid Snap

This nostalgic little cam lets you instantly print stickers of your treasured moments to slap in an album, on the fridge, or wherever else you fancy – perfect for those loved-up selfies that deserve pride of place. You can even add the classic polaroid border for a romantic vintage touch. The other cool thing is that Snap uses Zero Ink technology, which colorises dye crystals with heat as it prints, meaning you’ll never have to fill it up with ink. Snap is £89.99 from Amazon.

4. Bluetooth BeanieBE Headwear Bluetooth beanieThese cosy Bluetooth Beanies by BE Headwear are the ideal gift for image-conscious music lovers. With built-in wireless headphones and a Bluetooth music player, they’re a welcome antidote to the unsightly tangle of wires that comes with regular headphones. Plus, you can take hands-free calls from your phone with a single tap of the hat’s covert control panel, so there’s no reason to not always be in close contact with your better half. Bluetooth Beanies are available in a ton of colours, styles, and textures from

5. Fitbit AltaFitbit Alta

It’s no coincidence that Fitbit’s glamorous new fitness tracking band launched just in time for the most romantic day of the year. Fitbit Alta comes complete with brand new mini goals, text message and call alerts, and a gang of lovely interchangeable bands for every occasion – even that hot date on February 14th. It also does the usual job of tracking your steps, calories burned, activity patterns, and sleep, and sends all your stats all to the app on your phone for analysis. Fitbit Alta is £99 from