Stuck in a rut with your current iPhone apps? Bored and uninspired by the general monotony of your life? Get these life-changing apps downloaded pronto.

Field Trip – For cool insights into the world around you Field Trip iOS

Field Trip is the perfect app for spicing up that boring walk past the same old buildings on your way to work every day. Put simply, it’s like a really knowledgeable tour guide in your pocket. Just tell it where you’re visiting and what you’re interested in finding out, and it will automatically pipe up with hidden gems of knowledge and information about those places the second you walk past them. It can tell you obscure local history, help find places to shop, eat and have fun off the beaten path, and generally regale you with local lore in places you never expected to find it. Kind of like a grandad with loads of fascinating stories to tell.

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MSQRD – For turning yourself into a talking gorillaMSQRD iOS

If you’ve been wondering why you keep seeing strangers on the train contorting their faces at their phone cameras, the answer is probably MSQRD. And you’re missing out big time. MSQRD is a mask filter app that lets you try on different faces and record animated videos of your new disguise. The animation is so cleverly crafted that the masks will move in line with your facial expressions and the shape of your mouth, so the effect is actually scarily realistic. Most importantly though, it’s hilarious. What’s not to love about sending your better half a romantic video message behind the face of a polar bear? Or keeping a personal vlog diary disguised as a gorilla? Nothing, that’s what.

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Soon – An interactive bucket list that you will completeSoon iOS

If life is feeling a bit directionless and lacklustre, a bucket list is a great way to reignite your joie de vivre and get back on track. It doesn’t all have to be bungee jumps and risquée tattoos, though. Soon is a lovely little app that lets you make a virtual list of places to visit and eat, books to read, movies to see, podcasts to listen to and all the other wants and dos in your life. It will organise them automatically into handy categories with photos, maps and information to help you keep track of your lists. You can also check out trending places and topics that other Soon users are listing, and even nosy at your friends’ bucket lists to steal their cool ideas.

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Pocket Casts – For keeping your mind sharp with the latest podcastsPocket Casts app

Whether you’ve already got a collection of favourite podcasts or you’re desperate to fill your head with some fascinating content, Pocket Casts is the perfect way to soak up some brain food (or brain mush). With over 200,000 podcasts in its directory, there should be something for everyone, and you’ll even get special recommendations for new podcasts based on what you’re already listening to and what’s trending. To make sure you never miss an episode, Pocket Casts will notify you every time there’s a new one, and will auto-download podcasts while you sleep to give you a fresh and exciting library every day.

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Khan Academy – For learning almost anythingKhan Academy iOS

If you’ve got a thirst for knowledge but you haven’t picked up a textbook since you threw one at your friend’s head in a maths lesson 15 years ago, Khan Academy is here to help. This brain box of an app can help you learn practically anything for free. Whether you want to brush up on your maths, learn some biology, dive into economics, explore art history, or even…er…learn how fire stick farming changed the landscape of Australia, Khan Academy can help you. With tailored exercises recommended just for you and over 10,000 videos and explanations at your fingertips, you’ll be an expert in no time. The app even has handwriting recognition so you can jot down notes instead of tapping away at your onscreen keyboard.

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