Whether your house has an all-singing, all-dancing network of smart gadgets that do your bidding at the touch of a button, or you’re just a tentative smartphone user still coming to terms with the fact that you can ask your phone for directions, we’ve got news for you. Your life isn’t yet complete.

Here are five of our favourite smart home gadgets that you didn’t know you needed, all of which prove that home really is where the smart is.


Quirky Porkfolio

This pun-tastic piggy bank claims to be the world’s smartest money-saving receptacle.

Porkfolio wirelessly connects to the Wink app on your smartphone to let you manage your coin stash from afar and set financial goals.

Its snout even lights up when you give it a coin, which is incentive enough to start saving money in our books. It even has a built-in accelerometer to act as an anti-theft system.

It’s predominantly being marketed at parents who want to teach their children good money-saving habits, but we get the feeling it’ll appeal to the big kid in all of us.

The sad news is that it’s currently only compatible with US coins, but keep a close eye on Quirky.com for a possible UK launch.


Stick Knocki to any surface in your house to turn it into a remote control for almost anything you like. Once in place, Knocki connects with an app on your smartphone that lets you decide what function it will have.

Stick Knocki on your coffee table and use it as a light switch, on your front door to let you know when guests have arrived, or even use it as a handy phone-finding tool. All you have to do to activate its function is – you guessed it – knock.

You can even use it to trigger text messages. A quick knock on the door on your way out could be all it takes to let friends know you’ve set off to meet them.

Pre-order for $84 (£55) from Knocki.com.


Petcube Camera

Petcube lets you watch, talk and play with your pet when you’re out of the house via an app on you smartphone.

Pop Petcube where its wide-angle camera can see your furry friend and enjoy having footage of their frolics streamed to your smartphone wherever you are.

There’s even a function in the app to let you direct a safe laser pointer for them to chase, and a speaker built in so you can keep them comforted with the sound of your voice.

The Petcube app also lets you interact and play with Petcube pets around the world – even if you don’t have a Petcube.

$199 (£130) Petcube.com

Oral-B Connected Toothbrush

Oral-B Connected Toothbrush

It’s a toothbrush. With Bluetooth. It’s a Bluetoothbrush.

This toothbrush connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth to give you real-time feedback on your brushing habits.

You can use the app as a remote control for your toothbrush and set up a personalised brushing program using functions on the brush such as tongue cleaning, rinsing, and flossing.

There’s also a pressure sensor on the toothbrush that lights up if you brush too hard to prevent damage to your teeth and gums.

If all that doesn’t quell your teeth-brushing boredom, the app will even provide you with news, weather and oral care tips while you brush.

£83.68 Amazon.com.

Flower Power

Flower Power by Parrot

This clever little stick helps you grow your plants like you’re that Titchmarsh bloke off the telly.

Flower Power sticks in your plant’s bed of soil and uses sensors to monitor the four factors essential to the plant’s health: sunlight, temperature, fertiliser, and moisture.

When it detects that your plant needs some love, it will send a notification to your phone via Bluetooth Smart telling you if it needs water, fertiliser, or even repotting.

The Flower Power app also lets you log your plant’s progress, create a gardening diary, and gives you access to thousands of factsheets about plant varieties, with handy tips on specific plant care.

$59.99 (around £39) Parrot.com.