Turns out that smart snapper on your iPhone is useful for so much more than spontaneous photoshoots and Facetiming your friends. Here are 6 of the best apps that turn it into a convenient tool for everyday life...

For dinner with friends – Tab

Tab app

No more scribbling complicated calculations onto the back of napkins or awkward moments trying to split the bill with Tab. This handy receipt-scanning app will divvy up your bill at the end of a meal to take the hassle out of working out what you owe. Just open the app, take a quick snap of your bill, and Tab will automatically detect and separate each item on the list. As long as everyone in your group has the Tab app, you can all select your items to claim them, and Tab will auto-sync everyone’s activity in real-time. It even calculates tax, tips, and integrates with digital wallet app Venmo.

You can download Tab for free here.

For checking your skin health – SkinVision

SkinVision app

We’ve all heard about checking moles regularly and keeping an eye on funny-looking skin spots, but actually, most of us have got absolutely no idea what we’re looking for. SkinVision turns your iPhone camera into a CE-approved mole scanner, letting you take pictures of moles and have them analysed in seconds for their level of risk. As well as telling you if a mole has the potential to develop into skin cancer or melanoma, SkinVision lets you save your skin snaps into a personal archive to track over time. If you’re concerned, you can even send your pictures to the doctor for a professional opinion.

SkinVision is free for a month, and charges a small monthly subscription fee therein. You can download it here.

For translating into English – CamDictionary

CamDictionary app

With CamDictionary, you’ll never find yourself lost in translation in a foreign country again. CamDictionarylets you scan words or phrases with your iPhone’s view-finder to get an instant translation into 16 different languages. You can load pictures to select multiple lines, save your phrases in a virtual vocabulary book, and even listen to a foreign phrase spoken by a native speaker to help you perfect your pronunciation. Just the ticket for getting to know the locals on that exotic getaway you’re planning this summer, we reckon.

CamDictionary is free for a limited time, but you’ll have to make a small one-off payment to get full use of it after that. You can download it here.

For solving maths problems – Photomath


Sick of your shaky-at-best maths knowledge letting you down when life calls for you to do the simplest of sums? You, and everyone else who hasn’t regularly used their maths knowledge since high school – ie. most of the population. Luckily, Photomath is here to be a speedy maths whiz on your behalf. By scanning maths problems with the app, you’ll get an instant answer, along with a step-by-step solution showing you how it needed solving. From the basics like decimals, fractions and equations to complex problems like integrals, derivatives and trigonometry, Photomath can solve the lot to save you the sweat. It also comes with an advanced maths keyboard in case you want to manually enter an equation.

You can download Photomath for free here.

For typography lovers – WhatTheFont

WhatTheFont app

Ever seen a cool font in a magazine or poster that you loved so much you cried, “What the font is that?!” (or words to that effect). Well, thanks to the snappy-titled WhatTheFont, now you can track down exactly what font you’re looking at. Just hover your iPhone camera over the font in question, and the app will analyse it in seconds to tell you its name, details, and where you can find it on the web, along with a preview of some text written in your coveted font. Essential for anyone with a serious penchant for fonts.

WhatTheFont is free to download here.

For instant night-vision – NightCap Pro

NightCap Pro app

If grainy nighttime shots are cluttering your otherwise stunning gallery of superior iPhone snaps, it will more than worth paying the minuscule £1.49 that NightCap Pro asks for its services. Designed for iPhones operating on iOS 8 and later, NightCap Pro is here to give you the brightest, clearest shots possible while taking pictures in low-light. With advanced modes like Grain Reduction, Light Boost, and automatic AI focussing in the dark, you’ll be shooting breathtaking nocturnal snaps in no time. There are even special long exposure modes that let you capture star trails in the sky, and an automatic camera setting feature to cut out the fiddly set-up before a shot,

You can download NightCap Pro for £1.49 here.