There's a certain pain we can all relate to that the smart lock promises to banish forever. It’s a cold, dark winter’s evening, it’s been a long day, there’s a bottle of wine in the fridge with your name on it, and you put your numb hand in your pocket only to realise your key isn’t there. It’s inside the house. Where you can’t get to. Because you don’t have the key. Nothing quite rivals the anguish.

Meet the next generation of home locking devices that promise to give you optimal home security from a simple app on your smartphone, so you never have to shiver on the doorstep again.


Mul-T-Lock ENTRMul-T-Lock ENTRThis is the first smart lock by lock-maker Mul-T-Lock, and it has stayed true to its traditional roots by coming in the shape of an oversized keyhole. But don’t be fooled, it’s got tech credentials too.

ENTR fits in place of your existing keyhole to give you home security that you can manage from your smartphone or tablet. You can lock and unlock ENTR using a mobile app, fingerprint reader, pin code reader or remote control.

Create and duplicate virtual keys for up to 20 users, receive notifications every time your door is locked and unlocked, and keep an eye on ENTR’s battery life, all from within the simplicity of an app.

When exactly you’ll be able to use ENTR is still under lock and key, but read more about it here.

GojiGOJIEnjoy the key-free life with this smart lock that lets you unlock your door from an app on your smartphone.

Goji can be unlocked via the app for you and even your visitors. If you’ve got the cleaner coming at 1.45, you can set Goji to unlock automatically.

The app will send a photo from your doorstep to your phone every time someone comes to visit, meaning you’ll always know who you missed when you’re away from home.

You can also unlock Goji using a small key-fob, useful for times when you don’t want to go out with your smartphone, like a morning run. It’s also handy for kids who don’t carry smartphones, clipping easily onto a belt loop or purse strap.

Goji is $324 (£210). A keyfob is £40 (£26).

LockitronLockitronLockitron has been hailed a champion by AirBnB hosts who need to exchange keys with their guests remotely.

When connected to an app on your phone, Lockitron locks and unlocks for whoever you choose, allowing you to send a virtual key to a friend for when and however long they need it.

There’s an activity log within the app that shows all of Lockitron’s comings and goings, so you can be assured your guests have accessed your home safely.

With Lockitron Sense, you don’t even have to reach in your pocket for your phone to unlock your door, because it knows when your phone is near and automatically unlocks for you.

Pre-order Lockitron for $149.75 (£97).


August is endorsing the keyless life by reminding you that you’ll never have to give out a key again – or ask for it back. That crazy ex-housemate who still has a key and occasionally likes to turn up drunk and sleep on your sofa? History.

With the smartphone app, you can give or take away virtual keys for the various visitors in your life. It also senses when you’re near and automatically unlocks your door before you’ve placed a foot on your doorstep.

You can still use your old door key to get in, but in August’s words, you just don’t have to.

August is $249.99 (£162).

Kwikset KevoKevoKevo differs a little from other smart locks on the market in that it looks like your current traditional lock.

You can either unlock Kevo using your smartphone, with a regular key, or using a fob that activates the lock when it touches.

Kevo lets you give out unlimited virtual keys to guests to access your home anywhere, anytime, with the ability to control the amount of time they’re usable

Kevo even works alongside your smart Nest thermostat, telling it when to heat up your home based on when you’re coming and going, to save you on heating bills.

Kevo is $199 (£129).

Yale Key free Connected LockYaleLike Mul-T-Locks’ ENTR, Yale’s smart lock lets you access your home via a keypad as well as an app on your smartphone.

As well as sharing virtual keys via the app, you can remotely set up a pin code that your friends and family can key in – handy for visitors or residents who don’t have a smartphone.

Yale’s smart lock has a tamper alarm, and connects to other Yale home security systems like its CCTV system and Yale Smartphone Alarm to maximise your home safety.

It’s battery operated, so it won’t go down with a power cut, and it lets you monitor the battery life via the app so you know when it’s running low.

The Yale Keyless connected lock is £144, and the remote fob is £45.35.