While smart devices and wearable technology may be all about fitness trackers and exercise during the week, there are plenty of great gadgets to help you have the perfect lazy weekend in.

From controlling everything from your phone so you won’t even have to leave the sofa, to creating the perfect entertainment hub to keep you happy, these gadgets can quickly transform you into a digitally connected and completely relaxed couch potato every weekend.
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1. Stay connected

Kasia Smart Home System

Make sure everything around your house is ticking over nicely without having to lift a finger sounds pretty ideal. Options like the SmartThings Home Monitoring and Kasia Gadget Kit do just that letting you connect everything around your home from your coffee machine and kettle, to your security alarm and heating system. If there are any changes that you need to know about, you can get instant alerts and notifications so you can keep an eye on everything with minimal effort.

You could even use the Whirlpool connected washer and dryer to schedule a washing cycle from your phone so you can look forward to fresh sheets and clean clothes for the week ahead with no hassle. Or let tech do all your boring chores for you with the added help of a Braava Jet Mopping Robot that can do dry sweeping, damp sweeping and wet mopping with the touch of a button.

2. Have a smart nap


Taking a nap seems like a pretty straightforward and natural activity that doesn’t require any tech, but the Pzizz app might just change your mind. Simply download the free app, chose whether you want a quick power-nap or a deep sleep and press the start button. The app will quickly start helping you drift off with soothing sound effects, speech and binaural beats for a scientifically proven relaxing and refreshing kip.

3. Keep entertained

Apple Insider Apple TV

The laziest way to amuse yourself is to keep everything in one place. Options like the Roku dongle put all your music, gaming, photos, TV shows and movies in one place so they can all be controlled with your remote control for minimal effort required. You can also connect your phone to your TV via Bluetooth so you can easily switch between your media and even use voice activation to make searching and browsing even quicker.

If you’d like access to even more apps check out the Apple TV as the latest tvOS now has over 5,000 new apps so there’s no risk of a single moment of boredom.

Or you can go the whole hog and upgrade to Sky Q, the latest update which lets you record three shows at once and watch another at the same time.