There are millions of drones already roaming the skies, but we bet you didn’t know you can wear one. No, that wasn’t a typo. Wearable drones are coming, and they’re a bunch of selfie-taking, weather-sensing, GPS tracking high-flyers that you can wear like an accessory. They might not be available on the high street yet, but it won't be long!

Nixie DroneNixie

Nixie is a wearable selfie drone that lives on your wrist until you want to use it. When you’re ready for action, simply unsnap Nixie from your wrist, fling it in the air, and it’ll fly off, take a quick snap or video of you, then hover right back into your hand like a boomerang.

It’s a rather bulky-looking bracelet when it’s on your wrist, but it’s quite an elegant flyer, with four tiny propellers on its bendy arms that form the strap, and a mini rotating camera capturing all the footage.

That’s high quality footage too, with the ability to capture 1080 pixel videos, and some incredibly crisp images.

You can select multiple flying modes, including the boomerang style shot and, we’re guessing, some freestyle roaming shots, but details of those will be clearer once Nixie gets closer to release.

Sign up at for updates about when you’ll be able to get hold of one.Frog Flare DroneFlare

Flare is one of the conceptual wearable drones dreamed up by Frog Design Inc. that is essentially a flying personal tour guide

It’s a pebble-sized device made of metal and glass that fixes onto an acrylic strap around your wrist, or simply sits in your pocket until it’s needed.

When you’re lost or need to find a certain point of interest like the nearest shops or train station, Pebble will fly into the air and hover a few feet above your head, using its integrated GPS system to guide you in the right direction.

Flare is still in the conceptual stages, so it could still be a while before we’re all bobbing along the streets like Sims characters.

Frog Parasol DroneParasol

The concept of a necklace that turns into an umbrella makes us imagine of a rather cumbersome and downright cringe-inducing piece of neckwear.

But Parasol, another of Frog Design Inc’s clever ideas, is a lot more sophisticated than that. Parasol is a discreet gold drone that hangs like a pendant around your neck or on your belt loop, with built-in humidity sensors and a thermometer. When it detects raindrops, it will spring into life and fly into the air above your head, spinning its propellers to repel the rain.

It can also sense dangerous UV rays, and position itself above your head as a shield against the sun. As with Flare, Parasol is very much still in the conceptual stages, so you’ll have to sit tight and wait if you’re set on the idea of a personal flying umbrella.


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prodrone_byrd droneProDrone Byrd Quadcopter

This futuristically-designed ProDrone Byrd quadcopter is almost-wearable, fitting neatly in a backpack. With the capacity to bear around 2kg in weight (roughly a 2 litre bottle of water), ProDrone can carry a full-grown DSLR, or pretty much anything less than 2kg that you feel like sending soaring into the skies.

It also looks like a PS one when folded up, and can be programmed to follow you for up to 25 minutes, or hunt fixed GPS points. When you’re not using it, you can fold it away in your rucksack.

Other camera options include 4K, 1080p, infrared (and GoPro obviously) and HD video streaming. Price is between $800 and $3,000 depending on configuration.

3DR Smart Drone3DR Solo

It’s not quite as wearable as the others here, but it’s available to buy now, and it’s pretty awesome. Both first-time fliers and seasoned pros can easily fly the 3RD Solo and have full control of their GoPro either from the mobile app, or using the buttons on the gaming-inspired controller with colour screen and live flight data.

You can pan, tilt and capture stills without affecting Solo’s flight path, and select Cable mode to lock Solo on a virtual path between two points in the sky.

Select different flight modes within the app, and brush up on your piloting skills with the flight trainer.

Solo has a maximum altitude of 400 feet and a Wi-Fi range of up to half a mile, so you can capture those breath-taking cinematic shots from up high that you’ve always wanted. Solo has a flight time of up to 2 minutes and a top speed of 55mph.

Solo, made by 3D Robots, is available from Amazon and Currys for £979.95. The separate Solo Gimbal which will give you full control of your GoPro whilst in flight is £379.


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