Capture your favourite moments as they happen with this tiny action camera that you can wear on your forehead.

3RDi (pronounced ‘third eye’) is an action camera that straps to your forehead to record high-res footage while you live in the moment.

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3RDi lets you quickly set about capturing breathtaking video and photos of life’s adventures without having to tear your eyes, or hands, away from the action.

Using 3RDi is simple. Whenever you’re hit with the sudden and desperate need to document your fascinating, high-octane life, simply swipe your finger forward on the head band to activate the video camera. To stop recording, swipe it backwards again.

To take a still picture, all you have to do is tap the left or right side of the band – depending on whether you want the LED flash to kick in.

The tiny lens uses autofocus to immortalise your memories with near-perfect clarity, and the camera automatically saves every moment onto a micro SD card for you to keep forever. There’s also onboard Bluetooth, which lets you wirelessly transfer all your data to a phone app (iOS and Android) whenever you want.

You can even choose to auto-flaunt all of your snaps and footage on social media if you’re one of ‘those’ types, or just have them auto-upload to your phone for you to sort out later. 3RDi can plug into a microUSB cable too, in case you want to transfer files the old-fashioned way.

Sounds perfect, right? With 3RDi, you’ll never forget baby’s first steps, that once-in-a-lifetime concert, or boozy summer picnics in the park with your mates. There’s just one catch. You will look like a complete and utter idiot.

Sorry, folks. If you want forever memories without the bulk of GoPro or the hassle of a hand-held cam, you’re going to have to settle for the sartorial suicide of a strap-on cyborg costume for now. See below pic for evidence.

3RDi guy

If you can successfully navigate that hurdle, however, there’s still the added obstacle of the price tag to contend with. 3RDi is up for pre-order on Indiegogo for a not so modest $194 (£128).


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