The much-anticipated Huawei smartwatch is set to be released in the UK any day now, and wit certainly has our attention. Here are five reasons we’re excited about it:

  1. It’s stuck to the rules

The Huawei hasn’t tried to outdo other smartwatches on the market by adding any superfluous fancy functions, which is fine by us.


Packing a barometer, heart rate monitor and daily activity tracker, it’s already lived up to our expectations of a smartwatch.


Other cool functions include right-swipe to reach your contacts for quick dialling and messaging. Left-swipe gets you to the app launcher.


  1. It’s uber-customisable

Chances are you’ll probably never bump into another Huawei smartwatch wearer with the same watch as you.


Because as well as being able to choose from a fine-grain leather or stainless steel strap in various colours, you can also customise your Huawei smartwatch by choosing from 40 interface designs.

 Huawei Smarwatch

  1. It’s eager to please

As well as being a beautiful, fully-functional smartwatch, the Huawei has tried to give us a little extra.


The faux winder button not only takes you back to the home screen, but is also in an ergonomic 2 o’clock position rather than the standard 3 o’clock.


This not only places it in a more natural position for you to press it, but also stops it digging into you wrist.


  1. It’s made of crystal

Pure Sapphire Crystal, to be precise.


Tough as diamonds and scratch-resistant, the Huawei’s watch face is designed to endure the knocks and bumps of everyday life, so its touch-sensitive face will always feel smooth, and look – quite literally – crystal clear.

 Huawei Smartwatch Gold

  1. It’s not afraid to be bling

And if you’re not either, you’ll opt for the entirely gold version. With an AMOLED display with a colour density to rival other popular smartwatches like the Moto 360 and LG Watch R – that’s going to make for one beautiful smartwatch.


We can’t wait to see what it’ll look like paired with some of those customisable interfaces.


And one reason why we’re not so excited…

It’s unmistakably a man’s watch.


Whilst we’ve fallen in love with what else the Huawei has to offer, we’re a little disillusioned at the fact that it probably wouldn’t look comfortably at home on a female wrist.


For female smartwatch wearers, we reckon the most compatible design would be the entirely gold version. Which we accept isn’t the worst thing…