Go beyond the bike lock - a new range of smart devices promises to make any bike essentially theft-proof. Don't believe us? Check these upcoming devices out

Everyone’s had a bike nicked or knows someone it’s happened to. And if you haven’t had yours stolen (yet), we can guarantee that at some point today, you’ve wondered if someone’s made off with your two wheeled pride and joy. Even the sturdiest lock can be defeated with enough effort.

It’s time to put a stop to this and get some proper peace of mind. A new range of smart devices goes far beyond traditional padlocks-and-chains, enabling bikes to be tracked, locked and monitored. And you can potentially protect every bit of your bike as well – no more coming home to find a bike frame and no saddle. There are all landing within the next months – check them out:

Hexlocks in action

For securing every part of your bike:

Hexlox is a smart little magnetic widget that slots in the head of an Allen bolt rendering it inaccessible to a thief’s Allen key, enabling various parts of your bike to be protected. Removing it requires a special keycode, which is unique to each owner. You can buy packs of Hexlocks from 25 euros up, and they are now available to pre-order with delivery due in June.

Troja Bike

For tracking a bike’s location when you are away:

Troja Bike is a GPS tracker that slips into the frame under your saddle and enables the owner to track the location of their bike via their phone. While it won’t prevent or deter a thief, it will enable you to find him or her, and track the bike to its final resting place. Troja Bike is currently on Kickstarter and is shooting for December 2016 delivery date.

sense icon

For spotting if your bike has been moved

These See.Sense Icon rechargeable lights will alert you if the battery is about to conk out, will switch themselves off in case you forget, will brighten and flash as you approach a junction, and best of all, will alert you if someone tries to move your bike. A front and back pair will cost £80 and is available here.


For unlocking without a key

This bike lock, the Skylock, can remotely unlocked using a phone. Why would you want to do that? One possibility is you might want to lend your bike to someone, but keep ultimate control firmly within your grasp. But there’s also an accelerometer that will warn you about any tampering, and for added peace of mind, it’ll send a text alert to anyone if there’s been a crash. Pre-order it from here, for $197 + P&P.