Make sense of the noise from your fitness tracker and find your zen zone with personalised coaching from a Goqii coach.

If you’ve been waltzing around with a fitness tracker strapped to your wrist for some time now, you might be starting to want more a bit more by way of motivation that the odd “Nearly there!” message on your phone, and a blinking light on your wrist when you hit your step count.

That’s understandable. You’ve survived having your every waking and sleeping hour scrutinised by a piece of silicone; you’re ready for a bit of special treatment. Or to be more specific – you’re ready for Goqii.

Goqii is a fitness app that pairs you and your fitness tracker with your very own personal trainer for one-on-one healthy lifestyle coaching. With Goqii, you can instant-message or chat on the phone to your certified health coach to discuss the stats from your tracker, create goals, find motivation, and work towards sustainable lifestyle changes.

The important thing to know about Goqii is that it’s all about building your confidence and establishing a holistic approach to your health. There’s not going to be anybody shouting “No pain, no gain!” down the phone at you, or tutting when you have a momentary slip and eat a box of triple chocolate muffins on a Friday night. Goqii wants to empower – not scare. In its own words – it wants to focus on “in-person workouts”.

What’s more, you’ll also have the lovely warm feeling that you’re doing something good for humanity in the process. Inspired by Gandhi’s journey of 360KM, Goqii rewards you 1 Karma Point for every 390 steps you take, then converts your points into a charitable donation.

In even better news, if you haven’t actually got a fitness tracker and have read all the way to here for the sheer fun of it, Goqii will actually throw in a free Goqii fitness tracker when you sign up. It’s a standard sleep, steps, activity, distance and calorie tracker, and is actually a decent looker too. See…Goqii fitness tracker

Of course, the luxury of a top-class fitness coach on-tap doesn’t come for free. Goqii’s monthly subscription fee is $29 (around £20), which sounds like a lot until you consider that most personal trainers are much more expensive than that – and they don’t come to your home.

Goqii is available for both iOS and Android phones, and you can join here.