It monitors your heart and body chemistry using a seriously cool science-tech fusion.

This wearable patch could be the future of your Fitbit. That’s what we’re going to assume anyway, given its makers’ exciting claim that it gives a “more comprehensive view of a person’s health status than current wearable fitness monitors”.

Those makers are a team of researchers from the University of California San Diego, and according to their write up in Nature Communications, the patch is the first flexible wearable device that can measure both electrical heart signals and biochemical markers while you work out.

Comprised of circuitry printed onto a thin, flexible sheet of polyester, the patch records an electrocardiogram (EKG) of your heart’s activity and levels of lactate (a chemical that correlates with physical exertion) simultaneously. With a tiny built-in chip, the patch then fires the data to a nearby device – presumably a phone or tablet – via Bluetooth.

The team say that during a 30-minute workout test, the sensor yielded heart rate data that was closely matched to a normal heart rate monitor. And while that’s impressive, the team isn’t going to stop there. They are now on a quest to investigate if the same device can be used to measure other vital signs. Watch this space…

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