Add-e is a lightweight device that turns your regular bike into an ebike in seconds.

Considering upgrading to an ebike but too in love with your faithful old ride? Then you probably need Add-e. It’s a water-bottle shaped device that turns any normal bike into a motorised ride.

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It’s not easy making the shift from your existing bike to a set of electric wheels. Regardless of how much some people need the extra boost for that gruelling morning commute, the extra weight and bulk of an ebike compared to a lightweight road bike can be a major deal-breaker

But with Add-e, you can have the best of both worlds. Add-e is made up of two components: a small motor that fits beneath the bottom bracket of your beloved old bike, and a battery inside an aluminium bottle, much like the water bottle you already use.

To activate Add-e, simply twist the cap of the water bottle. As soon as you peddle, Add-e’s motor will drive the rear wheel of your bike with up to 600-watts of extra power. That means speeds of up to 28mph without the tiring legwork. Its battery will let you whiz ahead for around 31 miles before requiring a juice-up with its portable charger.

You can change Add-e’s power output at any time during your ride by twisting the cap, which works in 100-watt increments. Clockwise adds power, and counter-clockwise reduces it. It’s as easy as that.

When you stop pedalling, Add-e automatically undocks the drive unit to stop the motor, letting the tires run friction-free. Its maker, GP Motion, says Add-e works best with tires with a smooth bearing surface.

The real bonus? Add-e only weighs 2kg. That’s the same as any old 2 litre water bottle you’d strap onboard. It’s even as easy a water bottle to install, with a companion mount that bolts onto your bike in seconds.

Add-e is zooming towards its funding goal over on Kickstarter, where you can pre-order various versions to suit standard, and Brompton bikes. Prices range from €890 (£640) for a standard Add-e kit, to €1,100 (£790) for a sport edition for Bromptons.


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