Airwave is a small device that turns your regular smartphone into a walkie talkie for outdoor adventures.

This tiny gadget plugs into any old walkie talkie, and lets you communicate with it from your smartphone using a single pair of headphones.

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Skiers, mountaineers, and outdoorsmen alike can now enjoy free hands-free chat with their fellow adventurers, even if they’re out of sight or tuned into their own music.

Airwave works by linking one or a group of smartphones to an existing walkie talkie using Bluetooth. The palm-sized device plugs into your existing walkie talkie via a connector cable, and pairs up with loads of smartphones through a free app.

Once the initial set-up is complete, all you need to do is throw your walkie talkie in your bag with Airwave in tow, wire up your phone with a pair of Airwave earbuds, and you’ve just just turned your bog-standard smartphone into a walking, talking… walkie talkie.

Now, instead of digging out a bulky radio device to make contact with your friends on the slopes, rocks, or even in the air, it’s just a matter of pushing the button on the earbuds’ wire and speaking into the built-in mic.

You’ll get voice messages through your own earbuds in an instant. Even if music’s playing, the Airwave app will auto-pause the track to launch chat mode, and then resume play once you’re over and out. Airwave works in tandem with all of your regular phone calls and messages too, so you’ll be able to answer them all using the same button.

The one tiny downside is that Airwave only works if smartphones are within a 30-foot range of the device, which could be limiting for sports like skiing where you sometimes end up a good mile or two apart from your mates. Still, if you’re using Airwave in big groups, the likelihood of always being in range of at least one friend is pretty high.

The good news is that Airwave’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It works with most existing walkie talkies too, but sadly not waterproof ones just yet.

You only need one single Airwave unit to hook up a bunch of friends, and you can pre-order one from its successful Indiegogo campaign for just $55 (£37). Airwave earbuds are sold separately and they’re $40 (£27) a pair.


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