Apple has launched a new case for the iPhone 6s that doubles your iPhone battery life to give you up to 25 hours of extra talk time.


The iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case, which features an embedded battery underneath a silicone case, gives you between 18 and 25 extra hours to chat, browse, stream video and play tunes.

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The case is practically the same as a regular iPhone case, with a soft elastomer hinge design for easily slipping it on and off, and soft microfibre lining on the inside to keep your iPhone snug and safe. Oh, and then of course there’s the humpback.

Yup. Apple has pulled off this showstopper by simply implanting a big old extra battery underneath the skin of your otherwise sleek and slim iPhone 6s. And while it’s not exactly bulky, it does make it look like a mutant twin is trying to break free from inside your phone. We can’t decide yet if it’s grotesque or genius.

Nevertheless, iPhone 6s owners will no doubt be happy. The case promises to double the life expectancy of your iPhone 6s, providing increased talk time of up to 25 hours, an extra 18 hours of internet use, and video and audio playback of up to 20 hours.

The battery functions independently from your iPhone 6s’s onboard battery, with its status displayed on your lock screen as a separate entity. But when you charge your iPhone with your regular Lightning cable, both the onboard battery and the Smart Battery Case will juice up simultaneously.

If you don’t mind taking on a little extra bulge, the iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case is the perfect solution to spend less time charging, and more time talking. You can buy one now in white or charcoal for £79.99.

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