Get ready to be king of the road with the safety-conscious Arduibag, the connected backpack that you can whip up at home.


There are tons of clever cycling backpacks with more pockets, padding, zips, and widgets than you could shake a stick at, but Arduibag is by far the coolest. Stashing more brains in one single pocket than in every other bag on the market, Arduibag is a DIY connected backpack that keeps you safe while you ride.

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With a large front pocket housing an LED matrix, Arduibag displays informative and fun signals to vehicles around you to let them know your next move. A flashing arrow signals to drivers which direction you want to turn, while a “STOP!” message keeps you visible at traffic lights. There’s even a friendly “Thanks!” animation to thank drivers for giving way, which promotes a feeling a mutual self-respect between bikes and cars.

For a touch of added fun, Arduibag can spend the rest of the time displaying handy snippets of information like time, temperature, and humidity, which should make for some welcome respite for fellow road users during the drudgery of their morning commute.

The really cool part, however, is that in order to get Arduibag, you’re going to have to make it. Arduibag is actually an open-source project created by two french guys with a passion for cycling: Michaël D’AURIA and Stéphane DE GRAEVE. On the Arduibag website, they give detailed instructions on how to build your very own connected backpack from scratch, along with completely free schematics, source code, and 3D files.

The pair say Arduibag can be cobbled together for as little as €123 (£95), along with a 3D-printed remote control that will cost around €105 (£81). All of the components are listed in full, with pointers to where you can get hold of them. They include everything from the backpack and LED matrix to a real-time clock, rechargeable battery, DC connecter, and plastic book cover.

And there you have it – the perfect project to spice up your daily ride whether you’re a dab hand at DIY or a complete novice.