The prize-winning wearable has a unique method of detecting whether you've been on the lash...

Skyn is a brand new wearable that has just won its San Francisco makers a $200,000 (£137,600) prize in the Wearable Alcohol Biosensor Challenge for its novel ability to track the blood alcohol level of its wearer from their wrist.

Using fuel cell technology similar to that used by law enforcement, the Skyn wristband is able to measure blood alcohol level content just from a wearer’s sweat. Pop it on your wrist, and Skyn can give an accurate reading to show if you’re over the limit, as well as pepper you with alerts while you’re drinking to warn you if you’re overdoing it. It can even issue an alert to a family member if it detects you’re drinking alcohol when you should be teetotaling.

Skyn beat eight other prototypes in the challenge, which was held at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. The NIH launched the challenge in an effort to find discreet and non-invasive wearable tech for use by authorities and individuals.

But while the NIH’s decision to award Skyn top prize was partly based the device’s supreme accuracy, there’s still one tiny flaw. It can take up to around 45 minutes for alcohol to be transmitted through the skin, so the wearable wouldn’t be suitable for on-the-spot tests by police on the roads.

Despite that, it’s still an amazing little tool for tracking your own blood alcohol level, keeping in control of your drinking and making sure you never sit behind the wheel when you’re over the limit. Skyn hasn’t been submitted for FDA approval yet, but BACtrack says it’s releasing a limited quantity later this year. You can jump in line here to get a notification when Skyn is taking pre-orders.