These animated Balight bike LEDs put a creative spin on two-wheeled safety.

When it comes to choosing bike lights, the most fun we can usually have is finding ones that flash, or for a tech-savvy few, cobbling together our very own LED-lit cycling backpack. But thanks to these Balight bike LEDs, we’re all about to get a lot more jazzed up on two wheels.

The Balight device is a propellor-shaped device that mounts on your wheel’s hub, complete with a battery, micro-controller, and four spines covered in tiny LED lights. When your wheel spins, each of those LED lights is capable of displaying 16-million colours to generate an optical illusion while you ride.

With an app on your phone, you can choose from tons of customisable images, patterns and pre-set GIFs, or even make your own animations from your camera roll. This is where there’s the opportunity to get seriously crafty. Have your dog sprint across your bike spokes while you pedal, your favourite meme illuminate against the night sky, or even your own face appear in lights. It’s all possible. Not necessarily socially acceptable…but possible.

As well as attracting absolutely everyone’s attention, the Balight bike LEDs also provide some useful in-ride stats via Bluetooth to the app. As well as a battery meter for the light, there are GPS tracking and performance stats likes distance travelled, time, and speed.

The device should power on for around 10 hours, and is water and shock-proof. You can grab it for $169 (£117) here. Shipping to the UK costs $39 (£27).

  • Stephen Hawkins

    Illegal to use on the road in Europe, unless you just use yellow and not flashing