Wear your fitness tracker inside a vintage-inspired gold locket thanks to Misfit's latest collaboration with jewellery retailer BaubleBar.

The BaubleBar locket, a sparkly gold affair embellished with a crystal flower, can be worn on a pendant or bracelet to house your Misfit Flash fitness and sleep monitor.

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Fitness trackers are fast becoming a permanent fixture in many people’s lives but, sadly, so are their chunky, rubberised straps and lack of regard for any self-respecting person’s fashion sense.

Thankfully, Misfit has been working on jazzing-up the scene with its range of sleek modular fitness trackers that can be disguised as jewellery. And the company’s new collaboration with BaubleBar has significantly ramped up the bling factor.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the BaubleBar Helena locket. It’s glistening, it’s gold, it’s smothered in crystals, and it’s blinking massive.

Don’t get us wrong. It’s a welcome refrain from the chunky silicone we’re used to in a fitness wearable. But it’s certainly not a discreet alternative, especially if you have delicate wrists. For the right wearer though, it’s the perfect piece of statement jewellery.

The locket also does an excellent job of hiding your Misfit Flash, snapping open to reveal a secret chamber in which the disc-shaped tracker can nestle. Its one dainty feature is an oval-link chain, which comes in two lengths: 32 inches for a pendant, and six inches for a bracelet.

The Misfit Flash itself will cleverly still work as normal even when it’s boxed into the pendant. For anyone not yet acquainted with the ways of a Misfit Flash, it constantly tracks your sleep and activity levels, including distance travelled, calories burned, steps taken, and even the quality of your sleep.

The device pings all your data to an app on your phone, which lets you set goals and check your progress.

You can buy a Misfit Flash with either the Helen Locket pendant or bracelet for £49.22 from Target.


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