Throw away your pesky earbuds and listen to your favourite workout tunes while swimming, cycling or running using this super-smart Beker MP3 player.

Beker is a clever MP3 player that straps to the back of your head like a tiny boombox to play your favourite tunes using bone conduction instead of headphones.

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By bypassing your eardrum and outer ear to transmit soundwaves straight through your skull (yes, we said your skull), Beker frees you from the hassle of earbuds and lets you listen to your favourite tunes on full whack whether you’re on land or in water.

It’s not just the annoyance of having to stuff in a pair of earbuds that Beker eliminates though. Normal earbuds come with risks, like ear damage and the way they stop you hearing ambient sounds like car engines and horns. And the voices of anyone screaming at you to “watch out”.

But with Beker tucked snugly under your goggles strap, your swimming cap, or Beker’s own head band, you can enjoy your best motivational playlist while staying fully aware of the important sounds outside. Or just the soothing underwater acoustics at the swimming pool.

Plus, there’s absolutely no risk of hearing damage, which is a promise most earbuds and MP3 players can’t make.

Beker is, of course, completely waterproof. It has IPX8 certification, which means you can plunge up to three metres under the surface with one in tow.

It has an impressive 4GB memory too, which is enough for up to 1000 songs. And unlike some wireless earbuds that conk out after a couple of hours, Beker lasts a whopping eight hours on a single charge. Epic triathlon, anyone?

You can pre-order Beker from its Indiegogo campaign for a pretty decent early bird price of $62 (£40). It comes with a USB charging cable, and a little pair of ear plugs, just in case you ever want to completely block out the world and rock out to Beker.


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