It streams vitals to doctors to help them diagnose heart failure weeks - even days - before it strikes.

A manufacturer called Vital Connect is using the IoT to save lives with a wearable patch that can diagnose an impending heart problem before it has the chance to hit crisis point.

The disposable sticky wearable called VitalPatch lives on a patient like a second skin, and is packing tiny ECG electrodes, a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer, and a temperature-sensing Thermistor to constantly monitor a patient’s vitals.

With a low-energy Bluetooth connection, the patch can beam a patient’s stats to a digital platform monitored by their doctor, which could help identify irregularities and early warning signs of a serious problem before it begins.

VitalPatchThe stats that VitalPatch can collect and beam through to a doctor makes for an impressive list, which includes a patient’s heart rate, activity levels, RR interval, skin temperature and respiratory rate. It can even monitor body posture and alert a doctor if there are any signs of a sudden fall.

The patch itself is a lightweight, unobtrusive device at just 11g (4oz). It sticks to a patient’s skin with a silicone adhesive that doesn’t stress the skin when it’s removed. It’s a single-use patch with a battery life of 3 days with the ECG sensor switched on, or 4 without it.

Product manager at Vital Connect, Valeska Schroeder told Quartz in April that the patch has been tested with around 100 patients at five hospitals in Europe, and is set to arrive at the John Muir medical centre in Walnut Creek, California, this summer.

For the world of medical wearables, it’s yet another incalculably useful way to anticipate and treat a health problem before it becomes life-threatening. We’re already met a drug-dispensing skin patch that detects glucose levels, an Apple Watch band that can detect signs of a stroke, and a plaster for kids that sends their body temperature to concerned parents. Read more about VitalPatch