OKO is the latest, lightest electric bike from urban bike maker Biomega, and it wants to whizz you to work in style.

Fancy getting noticed on your commute to work? And not because of that bird’s nest of a bedhead you’re rocking for a change? Look no further than OKO, Biomega’s lightweight electric bike with a “fashionable twist” that the company claims will “make heads turn”.

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Yes, it’s very pretty, but we’ll get to that in a second. We’re more interested in Biomega’s claim that OKO is uniquely lightweight – a rare feat when you consider the fact that carrying an average e-bike up two flights of stairs is enough to induce a seizure.

But not OKO. Oh no. This carbon-frame feat of engineering weighs just under, drum roll please… 20kg.

Cue the tumbleweed. That’s not really that light. For some perspective, 20kg is the equivalent of the maximum luggage allowance on aeroplanes. Remember that suitcase you had to jump on to fasten, and then couldn’t even lift off your bed, let alone down the stairs to get in the taxi? Well, that. 20kg is only marginally less than Boris Bikes, which weigh in at 23kg.

We’ll concede that 20kg is fairly light for an electric two-wheeler, but it’s not a game-changing weight by any stretch of the imagination.

Still, there are always its good looks to fall back on. Biomega has paired up with Danish design group KiBiSi for this chic city pedelec, and it has paid off. Where the tech in a lot of electric bikes is either clumsily boxed in or hanging out willy nilly, OKO’s 250-watt engine is cleverly tucked inside its front wheel hub. It’s sleek, it’s minimal, and most importantly, it doesn’t really look like an electric bike.

Another engineering triumph is that OKO’s centre of gravity lands perfectly in the middle of the bike for a nice steady balance. It has front and rear mudguards and puncture-resistant tires too.

Speed-wise, it hits the legal limit of 20mph, and has two levels of engine assistance – Economy, and Boost. Biomega claim that OKO can cruise on for around 25 to 40 miles – depending on what mode you’re in, the incline and how much you weigh.

You can pre-order OKO for €1,999 (£1400) for delivery in December this year.


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