Make sure your gnashers get the buffing they deserve with this handy Bobble toothbrush timer.


Nobody particularly enjoys brushing their teeth. And even though we all know we should give our pearly whites the full two-minute treatment day and night, the temptation to slack off to do much more fun things – like sleep, eat, and lounge about in our sloppies – often wins.

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But thankfully, the Bobble toothbrush timer is here to whip us into submission. A weighted toothbrush stand with a built-in two-minute timer, the Bobble toothbrush timer makes sure you always brush your teeth for no less, and no more, than the allotted two minutes.

To start the timer, all you have to do is pick up your brush, twist the stand, and get busy brushing. When the two minutes is up, the timer will sound an alarm to let you know your work is done. Then, simply place your toothbrush back in the stand’s rubberised grip to keep it clear of grime, and get on with your day safe in the knowledge that your oral hygiene routine is on point.

Bobble’s base is rubberised, which helps it grip onto your sink to avoid disastrous collisions into the bathroom sink, or unthinkably worse – the toilet. Its top and mid-sections also unscrew so you can keep it clean and fuzz-free.

The Bobble toothbrush timer is available from Amazon for just £10.67.