Worried your lungs are bearing the brunt of city living? Give them a much-needed dose of clean, revitalising air with Freka facewear.

Freka facewear is a British range of masks designed to filter out nasty germs and pollution to help you breathe easy in the city.

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Combining an intricate valve system and a specially designed face mould for the perfect seal and pressure distribution, Freka claims its air purifying face mask will immerse its wearer in an “oasis of freshness”, elevating the flow of fresh air into the body and generally enhancing breathing.

It’s not just a treat for your lungs though. Freka is also kitted out with a vitaliser that injects a hit of rejuvenating Hinoki wood scent with every inhalation, transporting your senses to a tranquil Japanese meadow as you battle through the smog. Ahh, bliss.

Freka’s really clever trick is that it recognises that you breathe in more deeply than you exhale. Its intricate filtration windows in the core of the mask ensure you can breathe in effortlessly, while the curved design lets you breathe out excess CO2, humidity, and heat effectively.

Sounds great. So what’s the catch? Well, while breathing masks are a common sight in big cities across Asia, they haven’t quite taken off in the UK just yet. What we mean is, you’re running the risk of looking a bit silly. Unless you’re in the running to be a Sith Lord in the next Star Wars instalment. In which case, bingo.

But Freka is actually billing its mask as a “bold blend of science and style”, so perhaps you’ll be able to see something we can’t….

Anyone desperate to escape the murky throes of the rat race should definitely consider investing in a Freka. You can buy one for £160 in a range of colours.