The Breitling Exospace B55 luxury smartwatch wants to be an instrument for pilots and men of action.

It’s not often that we meet a smartwatch with brains as well as beauty, but Breitling Exospace B55 certainly ticks all the boxes.

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The outrageously luxuriant, sapphire-coated timepiece is specifically designed to adorn the wrists of airline pilots, with special touches like an electronic tachymeter for measuring speed, and a chronograph for precise mission start countdown. The watch will even remember departure dates and times, as well as arrival and takeoff schedules.

Down on the ground, Exospace B55 can join you on the racing track, using its lap timer to keep a close eye on your pace. It’s also the perfect swimming companion, sporting a rugged water-resistant shell that can shield all that high-spec tech up to 330 feet deep. Obviously, it will serve up the usual phone notifications such as calls, texts, and emails direct to your wrist from your phone too. And speaking of your phone, that’s where you adjust the watch’s time and time zone setting, which beats fiddling around with a tricky bezel every time you touch down.

Build-wise, it certainly doesn’t disappoint. That sapphire coating is scratch-resistant, and the watch itself it made from solid titanium to withstand the knocks and bumps of a high-octane professional lifestyle. Its ‘ultra-legible’ LCD screen has a motion an angle-sensitive backlighting system too, which will conveniently kick into action when you’re gripping aircraft controls or a steering wheel.

Its interchangeable straps complete its sporty yet high-end look, coming in three version: blue on black, anthracite on black, and grey on black. It runs on a rechargeable Li-on battery that recharges by way of a magnetic connector.

Exospace B55 will set you back a cool $8,900 (£6,166). Start your mission here.