This Swiza drone backpack is the solution to keeping your drone safe on life's adventures.


Unless your personal drone came with a posh carry case, you’ll be well aware that getting your unwieldy little ‘copter to fit safe and snug in any normal backpack is nigh impossible.

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But thanks to this lightweight Swiza drone backpack, you can now safely piggyback your drone to its intended flight destination without worrying about damaging all of its protruding limbs and propellors in transit.

Your drone actually fits on the outside of the backpack, with a quick-release hook, loop, buckle, and quad strap system keeping it secure. It’s designed to fit any drone, so even if your flying machine of choice isn’t the standard quad-copter affair, there should be a way to strap it on safely.

Elsewhere, there’s a special remote control compartment for easy grabbing on the side of the backpack, and two roomy compartments inside for all of your other flight mission necessities. Padded shoulders straps and a sturdy back panel should keep all your clobber comfortable on your back whether you’re trekking up rocky climes or just on your way to the park down the road.

Swiza also has a zippered pull-out drone cover that you can whip out when it’s raining to form a watertight seal around the entire bag, which should be handy for keeping your peanut butter sandwiches dry too.

The Swiza drone backpack is $99 (£69). You can buy it here.