Get real-time feedback on the mountain with this tiny clip-on ski boot companion.

Having a personal ski coach is great, but you can’t take one with you every time you ski. Or can you? Carv is a gadget that thinks otherwise…

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Loaded with an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and 48 independent pressure sensors, Carv clips on your boot to analyse every twist, flip, and turn you make on the slopes, relaying feedback to your headphones in real-time to help you perfect your technique.

Carv connects wirelessly to an app on your phone too, giving you access to all of your skiing metrics between runs. Everything from your foot timing, symmetry, and weight distribution, to your maximum edge angle, personal best, and take-off style gets tracked and recorded in the app for you to ogle at between runs.

You can also set drill sessions, choose lessons, or just opt for freestyle tracking using the app. If you’ve got friends using Carv, you can even sync your data and compete to beat each other’s stats. There are mini personal goals to pursue as well, and you’ll also be awarded a Ski IQ score that’ll no doubt inspire a touch of healthy competition.

The sheer detail that goes into Carv’s feedback means it’s suitable for both casual newbies and seasoned pros. More advanced skiers will be able to access a deeper level of feedback, which beginners will be able to tap into in time.

One awesome bonus any skier can enjoy, however, is Carv’s compatibility with your GoPro. If you sync both devices, you’ll be able to make split-screen footage of your journey down the slope, complete with the real-time stats, diagrams, and charts of every move.

Carv is currently over on Kickstarter plugging away at its funding goal, where you can pre-order a pair of the devices for $189 (£131).