Let's face it. Not every smartwatch is a looker. And there are still tons of us dying to get wrist-based notifications, but are too attached to our beautiful 'dumb' watches to make the leap. That's where Chronos comes in.

Chronos is a coin-shaped device that fits under your ‘dumb’ old watch to make it smart. When linked up to your phone over Bluetooth, Chronos sucks up all of your notifications from your phone just like a smartwatch, alerting you with its vibrating motor and LED lights.

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Those LEDs fire out of the Chronos’s sides, giving you a brief light display when a message lands.  Sounds like your idea of hell? They can be turned off too.

It also adds activity tracking into the mix, displaying your step count progress with its ring of LED lights, then feeding stats to your favourite fitness apps to boost your fitness tracking game.

Its real pièce de résistance is its claim that it can turn any watch face into a working touchscreen. Sort of. With Chronos on board, you can tap your watch’s formerly unresponsive screen to dismiss notifications, skip and pause music, and even snap a selfie. The jury’s still out on just how effective this function will be, given that even some smartwatches have trouble perfecting touchscreen sensitivity.

Still, there’s some fun to be had with the companion app, which lets you customise the LED colour for certain alerts, like blue for calls, or green for texts. And it’s waterproof, which granted is only really useful if your watch is too. Probably best you dig out that dog-eared instruction manual from the bottom of your drawer before diving in at the deep end with it.

Chronos manages to pack all of that tech into an incredibly small space. It’s under 3mm thick, so it’s not going to bulk up your wrist kit too much. It also uses micro-suction tech to cling onto your watch, meaning no annoying adhesives or magnets.

Its one disclaimer is that it fits not all, but 80 per cent of existing watches. You can check whether yours is compatible using Chronos’s sizing app. It’ll also require regular juicing up, with a battery life of around 37 hours.

You can pre-order Chronos for just $99 (around £65), which certainly beats forking out the big bucks for the real McCoy.


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