Pack up your troubles in this battery-boosting backpack.

The idea of running out of phone battery when you’re far, far away from a charger is what modern-day nightmares are made of. But thankfully, a company called Co.alition is here to allay our fears with its super-smart backpack.

Kitted out with a powerful charging unit in a concealed side pocket, the backpack can charge any USB-powered device you plug into it while it’s snug on your back. Whether it’s a quick phone juice-up on the tube, or a desperate camera rescue mission when you’re out sight-seeing, the smart backpack will automatically get charging your important gadgets as soon as you plug them in.

co-alition-smart-backpack-1On a full tank, the backpack’s power unit can fuel up your phone three times, which is the equivalent of one whole tablet charge. If you’re near a power socket when you’re charging up your devices, it’s worth knowing that the backpack supports Pass-Thru charging, meaning you can wire up the backpack to a power source while you’re charging, and it’ll juice up the unit simultaneously. Pretty clever, eh?

If you really want to soar to new levels of on-the-go convenience, there’s also the option to throw in a hard drive alongside the backpack’s charging pack. This will give you a rather roomy 2TB of storage for your various files, photos, and videos, which you can access via a USB cable, or wirelessly if you’re in a WiFi spot.

co-alition-smart-backpack-2All of the backpack’s tech is rugged and water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about venturing out in the rain. As for your own fragile gadgets, you can keep them safe from onslaughts of mother nature by pulling out the backpack’s integrated rain fly.

If you’re sold on the idea of a handy gadget bag, you can head over to to get building your backpack. Prices for the backpack alone start at $149 (around £112), and the techie add-ons up the cost depending on how powerful you want your charging until.

You’re looking at an extra $30 (around £26) for the smallest charger, which is a pretty reasonable little sum. However, you need to lay down an extra $190 (around £143) for the hard drive. That’s taking you up to $369 (around £278) for the fully smart backpack. You’ve got some serious on-the-go file access needs if you’re willing to pay that, but we’re not here to judge.