No need for wearables and fancy bike gadgets when you can just casually upgrade your pedal to a smart one...

We’ve seen some pretty cracking bike tech in our time, but it’s mostly in the form of bike locks, lights, wearables and handlebar gizmos. So it’s quite a refreshing change to meet the Connected Cycle smart pedal – an IoT-packed pedal for your regular bike that equips it with a smart brain.

On a basic level. the smart pedal acts as a handy theft-deterrent. Its built-in motion sensors issue an alert to an app on your phone the moment the pedal senses someone touching your bike, while the pedal’s GPS location-tracking abilities let you see your bike’s location at any time. That’s also handy if you just need to check where you parked your bike.

At its finest, however, the Connected Cycle smart pedal is an activity-tracking cycling companion, automatically recording your speed, route, incline and calories burned for each trip. All of your stats will get beamed to the app via bluetooth and saved in the cloud, so you can access your entire activity history and progress log just like with a wearable fitness tracker.

In other great news, the smart pedal actually generates its own energy, meaning you don’t ever have to take it off to charge it or change any batteries. As an extra safety precaution, the smart pedal can only be removed using a specially coded key that comes with it. It’s made from sturdy aluminium too, so it should be hard for anyone to tamper with.

The Connected Cycle pedal hits the shops some time in late 2016. You can sign up here to find out exactly when.