Wish there was a way of knowing where all of your beloved valuables are at all times? Now you can with Philippe Starck's new line of Wistiki connected jewels.

Wistiki is a bejewelled little gizmo that you can attach to the important stuff in your life and track using an app on your phone.

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Whether you pop it in your wallet, on your keys, or even on Sergeant Snuggles’ collar, Wistiki gives you a 24/7 lifeline to your important possessions and their whereabouts in just a single tap.

Wistiki works using a simple combination of GPS tracking and Bluetooth packed inside a colourful little jewel. When your phone is in Bluetooth range of your Wistiki, the app will record the device’s GPS coordinates to the cloud. In the event that you lose Wistiki and its host object, you can simply check in the app to see the last place it was nearby, and go to fetch it.

If you still can’t find whatever you’ve lost, you can make Wistiki ring like a phone using the app, which is perfect for awkward hiding places like under cushions, down the back of the sofa, or, y’know, in the garden shed with that frisky she-cat from up the road again.

One cool feature that makes Wisiki super-clever is its cloud locating ability, which comes in handy if you ever stray really far out of range of your precious belongings. Basically, if anyone else with the Wistiki app happens to wander in range of the device, it’ll anonymously send your lost Wistiki coordinates to the app on your phone.

For the extra-vigilant Wistiki owner, there’s also a feature called Virtual Leash, which lets you set up notifications if your device ever begins to move out of range. This is a great anti-theft solution for things like bikes and tools that are at risk of being stolen from the garden.

Depending on what you want to attach Wistiki to, there are three models to choose from. There’s “ahā!” for your pet’s collar, “voilà” for your key fob, and “hopla’, which is a little credit card-shaped Wistiki that slips in your wallet. They’re all waterproof available in four lovely colours.

If you’re sick of sacrificing your important stuff to the lost and found box in the sky, one of these dinky little fellas will do the trick. The device is currently vying for funding over on Indiegogo, where you can pre-order one for $49 (£35), with shipping set for December 2016.

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