Effortlessly cruise the streets like a seasoned skater with this electric Blink-Board that you can control with your iPhone.


Update: The Blink-Board is now available now – the time has come to seriously upgrade your commute!

Walking is officially so 2015 thanks to Acton’s new Blink-Board, an electric skateboard with onboard Bluetooth and smart sensors to let you power it with your iPhone.

With a 1500 watt motor and two speed options, Blink-Board will transport you through the city streets at a max speed of 15mph as soon as you hit the button – either on your iPhone, or using the shuttle toggle on the board’s remote control

Control this Blink-Board skateboard with your iPhone

You can change the speed at any time during your journey using the app, and check up on the board’s battery status too. That shouldn’t be too much of a worry though, because the board can manage six miles on a single charge, and it only takes a couple of hours to juice up when it’s running low.

When you’ve felt the wind through you hair long enough and need to revert to a low-octane stroll, you can easily sling Blink-Board on your back using its carry strap. The board itself only weighs ten pounds, which is the same as 4 and a half bags of sugar, and at 26.5 inches long, it’s smaller than your average board. That’s because it’s modelled on the mini Penny Board, for anyone in the know.

There are a couple of cool features bunged into the app that are worth mentioning too, like geo-tracking which saves each route you take, and also brings up all manner of stats about your ride in real-time. You can share your routes with your friends if you like, and connect with the Blink community to see what other riders are getting up to.

It’s a sturdy board too, with a gorgeous and durable Canadian maple wood deck. Again, anyone who knows anything about skateboards (or wood) will appreciate that’s some solid stuff right there. It can take a max load of 250 pounds, which is about the same as Arnold Schwarzenegger at his beefiest, so the rest of us should be safe.

Blink-Board is expected to go on sale at the end of January at around $500 (£347).