Cor gives you personalised health information that lets you understand your body better and learn how best to take care of your health.

Just one single drop of blood can give key indicators that are crucial when interpreting your personalised and actionable health insights.And the best part is that you can get all the information from your home. Rather than having to book in for doctor’s appointments and wait days your results, you can get the information you need within minutes at home.

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If you have a family history of a certain condition or you are worried about a recurring illness, the indicators keep you aware of any changes that you need to be concerned about. Or, if you are an athlete, Cor can help you with your training regime by letting you know how your diet is affecting your stamina and whether you need more carbohydrates or protein so you’ll know what to eat and at what time.

To take a blood sample simply press the disposable cartridge against your skin and then insert the cartridge into the Cor main device where your results will be analysed. It’s a simple process that takes 5 minutes and the creators believe it could become a part of your morning routine so you can plan how best to take care of your health that day.

The Cor data then goes in to the Cloud and is then sent to your smartphone via using Cor’s algorithms. The app has a range of tools to help everyone understand their own data without needing a medical textbook on hand with a range of useful functions. For example, you can also access tips on diet, exercise and supplements from other people who have a similar issue so you can share your experience and learn from others. By measuring and recording your results you can see which lifestyle changes are having a positive impact on your health and which are less effective.

Cor is currently fundraising this project on Indigogo and while it is expected to retail for $299 (£211) you can save 40% if you grab one of the ‘Early Adopter Special’ perks. The estimated delivery for the US is October but no news yet when it will become available in the UK.