Fancy confessing your undying love for your Valentine with a touch of eco-friendly romance? Try these Sprout valentine's gifts that blossom into flowers when you plant them.


It’s hard to decide what you’re going to have for dinner tonight, let alone what single gift on earth could possibly seal the deal between you and the potential love of your life.

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But thankfully, sustainable product designer Sprout has come to the rescue with its range of flowering Valentine’s gifts that reveal your caring, environmentally-conscious, eco-warrior within.

First up is the Tiny Garden, a seed box made from the paper of sustainably harvested woods. It comes with a hemp mat instead of soil, which makes it easier and more hygienic for your suitor to cultivate their mini garden of edible micro-greens. The non-GM seeds that come with with the Tiny Garden will flourish into Mizuna-sprouts within 5-7 days, complete with heart-shaped leaves and a fresh, spicy taste.

If you’re just after a little something for that special someone, Sprout’s biodegradable pencils might be right up you’re street. They’re made from sustainable FSC-certified wood, and come with refreshingly slush-free messages like ‘Be my Valentine”, ‘I ♥︎ you’, and ‘Grow old with me’. The fun part is that your soulmate can plant the stubs of the pencils when they’re done with them and watch them grow into Sweat Pea plants with pastel-coloured flowers.

Last, but by no means least, is the issue of the card. Your Moonpig trick of putting your face onto Lionel Richie’s body might have worked a treat last year, but maybe it’s time for a new approach. Sprout’s Valentine’s cards can be torn up or thrown whole into the garden to take their final form as Black Eyed Susan og Alyssum. That’s nice yellow flowers, in plain English.

You can buy all of Sprout’s Valentine’s gifts individually, or as a pack for £10.50 from